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Diwali Fashion : White Chikankari Anarkali Suit

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Before I get completely drowned in festive frenzy, before I allow glimmering diyas, glittering gold, sweet gujjiyas, savory matthi, meeting and greeting to completely consume my life, I like to take a few steps back. A few moments to reflect, to look back at myself a year ago, applaud the positive changes and take note of traits and feelings that I still need to work on. To let go of things I have held on to, to look forward to dreams kept close to my heart...

Nothing gets me in this state of zen, easier than a pristine white ensemble, quiet corners of an ancient temple, the whiff of incense sticks floating in the air and the occasional sound of bells ringing to break the silence.

This year my white chikankari anarkali suit is partaking this Diwali exercise with me. I dont know what has revived this longing and love for chikankari in me, but I am truly enjoying this chikankari anarkali phase, I am in. This Indian art looks gorgeous in any colour but I have a weak spot for white, I can never have enough of it. -



Do you share my Chikankari anarkali obsession? Whats going to be your Diwali style? Have any Diwali rituals? I would love to know :)

About the Author : Abhilasha Mehta is an engineer and a MBA by profession, she always wanted to study and work with fashion. She juggles many roles together. but her day revolves around her role as a mother. Link to her blog:
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