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The Glamor Factory


Confluence of art and glamour is clearly visible from the works of famous fashion photographer Sayantan Sarkar. 

This is the first of the series of Sayantan's works that we plan to present. enjoy the slide show. 


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Looking Slim Without Going To The Gym

 ‘Black” makes us look slimmer. To look slim is perhaps on each of our wish list. Slimmer the better is  the mantra of the day! Some of you are working out hard everyday to shed off those extra fats…but there are some who do not want to take that extra effort but still want to look slim! Is that even possible? The good news is yes it is! And wearing black is not the only option.

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"Look professional...not fashionable" says B O E

While surfing the net last night, I came across a really interesting article. Or should I say it was shocking! Well it’s for you to decide.Some time last week the Bank of England organized a “dress for success” day for the employees. The female employees of the bank received a special memo on that day. The memo was something like an instruction manual about how they should dress for success. I call the memo as an instruction manual because it had a detailed instruction for the female employees telling them what exactly to wear and what not to in order to become successful  in the current economic scenario(recession).

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Fashion and Faux pas at the Golden Globes, 2009

Featured Article:

Classic blacks and muted metallics seemed to rule the roost at the 66th annual Golden Globe awards, 2009. My personal favorite was Kate Winslet’s severe, but sophisticated strapless black column by Stefano Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent. With a subtly crossed-over bodice, and a belt that added just a light touch of sparkle to interrupt the long column of black, Winselt displayed neither too much bust, nor too much bling. Indeed, the lady who took home two globes this year also got it right with accessories and the appropriate hair do—her alabaster neck bare, chic diamond danglers falling scarcely below her ear lobes, and hair softly swept back into a chignon... Enjoy the slide show.

Image: Anne Hathaway

Image Credit:

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The Friendly Peacock

It was a winter morning in the late 90s and I was visiting one of those remote villages of Barmer District of Rajasthan with my friend and would be husband Victor Ghoshe. He was on a Design Intervention Programme from his Design Institute – National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and I was accompanying him.

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Below the Hem...

boots.jpgBoots! Puss wore them. One administers the boot to unworthy boyfriends or girlfriends, as the case may be. One goes to boot camp. One’s car has a boot, especially if one is British, or in any way touched by the influence of Empire. One buys boot-legged whisky and boot-legged tapes secretly. But above all, boots are a basic fashion and weather accessory that if living in North America, one has probably had as a part of one’s life at some point or the other.

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Winter IN colors

Ladies we don’t have to take refuge in "black" when the cold wind blows. It’s totally not true that in winter we cannot look bright and vibrant. We just have to know which colors look good on us but there is a caveat. It’s OK to wear a "dark pink" sweater, while a fluorescent outfit would be totally out of style.

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Bundle up in style

We all update our wardrobes in winter. The winter colors are rich and intense in contrast to the light and muted summer    colors. We can go with the dark shades of red, blue and green along with the evergreen black n white duo; which always steals the show!

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